3/19/2020 7:45:53 AMFrey Bike

FREY is here and we stick with you!

Due to the current special circumstances all over the world, FREY wants to do something for you, our original and new customers.

For our trusted original customers we would like to support you and your family. If you are in need of protective face masks due to local shortages, we will send you protective masks free of charge. Just let us know if you need them and we will reach out to you! Please contact us at activity@frey.bike

For new customers, we would like to offer a special project. The recent Frey group buy gave us a lot of feedback, people from outside of the US wanted to join, people wanted to participate after the deadline etc. We also understood some people preferred to wait longer and pay less transport costs.
So we have been working to develop this special plan of ZERO shipping costs, what are the conditions?

Special FREY plan conditions:

  1. Project time frame: from today till 10th, April.2020. around 20 days.
  2. Delivery ways for different countries:
    • US: by sea to door;
    • EU: by railway to door;
    • Canada: by sea to local port;
    • Australia and New Zealand: by sea to local port.
    • Customer from other countries should check with FREY firstly.
  3. Delivery time: 6 months ex-factory China, after placing order;
  4. Expect receiving time: about 7 months after placing order;
  5. Limited to 2 bikes per customer.
  6. You can change your bike model, size or color within 7 days, later on in the order it cannot be changed.
  7. A FREY T-shirt and a set of FREY brand mudguards will be included in your bike package.
  8. No cancellation after 30 days.

FREY will stick with you during this difficult time, give you something to look forward to and together we will overcome these difficulties!

If you would like to join in this project, please contact us with mark "FREY is with you" in your inquiry email subject or content.


FREY is listening to you as partners and customers, we value your advice. FREY strives to make the best affordable e-bikes on the market today, our customers make that happen. If you have ideas for product improvements please reach out to us, we are listening. If you have any questions on available pre-order upgrades please contact us.

Please give us your Name, Email address and message. We will answer all questions and inquiries within 12 hours.

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