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FAQ before order

1. How to choose the bike model, size and color?

If you have learnt about FREY bikes and you have plan to order the determined model, just find out the bike model in product list and choose suitable size and color available to order.

If you have not final decided what bike to order, you can contact us to tell you specific needs and we will advise or recommend some model for your choice.

About size to choose, general advice for the size fit for different height riders as below for reference:

M size 165-175mm, L size: 170-180mm, XL size: 180-190mm

You can also find a detailed geometry chart for the model in the product page. And you can check and decide the size by yourself.

2. What's the order lead time?

For small quantity order 1-5units, lead time for the order ready to delivery is 2-3 months. Depend on the model, size, color and quantity. We will confirm a lead time after checking your order.

3. What's the delivery channel and shipping time?

To USA: Price include shipping cost to door. Shipping time: 50-60 days.

To Europe: Price include shipping cost to door. Shipping time: 50-60 days.

To other countries: please inquiry us, final cost needs to be confirmed.

4. How to done receipt confirmation?

As soon as you get the order package, please check whether the outer packaging is intact without damage. Then unpack the bike carton, take out the bike and assemble it completely. Finally, turn on the power and have a test riding to confirm the bike is in right condition and works well. If there is any doubt, please feel free to contact us immediately to confirm.

5. What's the product warranty?

We offer 2 years warranty for electrical system include battery, charger, motor system and bike framework after you receive the bike.

Please kindly note you must make sure to use the bike in normal and suitable condition without unauthorized disassembly, modification, abnormal, overload or excessive use, impact, accidents etc.

And bicycle consumables include tires, brake pads, chain, cassette etc are not in warranty area if they are in good condition and works well when you receive the bike.

6. How does the aftersales service work?

If you have quality problem in warranty and normal use. Please do not try to disassembly or repair before contact us to state the original condition with detailed description and related photo or video. And tell your order number, bike frame number and receiving date at the same time, we will check your case and response you within 24 hours as soon as possible.

Next step, if further more information required, we will ask you to confirm and analyze your case. It will cost 1-3 days and we will feedback as soon as possible.

Finally, we will conclude a solution and confirm with you, we will proceed it after your confirmation. Maybe send you some replacement parts to you or find some localized solution if necessary.

7. About canceling an order.

Accept unconditional cancellation within 3 days after placing order done payment. We suggest you consider your decision well before placing an order. After 3 days, in case the order needs to be cancelled due to special circumstances or force majeure. You need to contact us about the situation and we will check the possible solution.

8. About modifying the order

We accept unconditional order modification within 3 days after you place order and done payment if confirm the change can be achieved without problem. After 3 days, if require to do some changes, some extra cost and a new lead time should be check and confirm again before modification.

9. About refund

We do not accept unreasonable refusal after receiving goods. Please check the goods condition as soon as you receive it and confirm whether everything is OK and the bike works properly.


Choose bike model

Choose bike model.


size & color

Choose bike size and color.


option accessories

Check whether to add some option accessories or not, we have option listed in the ordering site.


Delivery Method

To USA & EU area: Bike Price include all cost to door. Shipping time: 50-60 days.

To other countries: please inquiry us, transportation channel and final cost need to be confirmed before ordering.


FREY is listening to you as partners and customers, we value your advice. FREY strives to make the best affordable e-bikes on the market today, our customers make that happen. If you have ideas for product improvements please reach out to us, we are listening. If you have any questions on available pre-order upgrades please contact us.

Please give us your Name, Email address and message. We will answer all questions and inquiries within 12 hours.

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